About MickNifty and his Nifty Stuff


A Viet Nam veteran, Mick used his GI bill to study construction in college. During this time he started work as a journeyman carpenter. After a few years he had graduated with two degrees in construction, and had worked his way to being a licensed general contractor, remodeling being his strong suit.


Deck by Best Decks

Redwood decks are popular on most remodeling projects and Mick kept hearing he built the best ones. So, in 1984 he started Best Decks. The unique style of lean back rails with benches and tables was well received and even got the interest of Better Homes and Gardens. Nifty Stuff is an off shoot of this parent company.


 Deck Chairs Wooden lawn chairs - The Adirondack Chair

Our Adirondack Chairs are an attractive addition to both decks and yards.


Picnic table by Mick Nifty Saw horses by Mick Nifty

We also offer a wide variety of clever, handcrafted, wooden accessories, ranging from picnic tables and sawhorses to picture frames...


   Nifty Signs by MickNifty.



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